Katie – Experimenting & Documenting

Katie's rows
Katie’s various rows documented on my iPad with Adobe Draw

While putting together the Katie pattern – which has taken a lot of experimentation – I have also been experimenting with a new tool… my iPad, Apple Pencil and Adobe Draw. It’s been a learning experience all round – I love it!

Here you see images of the work in progress. When I have a row the way I want it, I stop and take a photo and then write how many stitches I’ve used on top of the photo.

After I’ve washed, pinned and ironed the doily I will reassess and then finalize and document the pattern. I use both written instructions (example, 7ds 1picot 7ds) and a visual pattern I will create with Adobe Illustrator, and I may include photos of the work in progress. I really enjoy this part!

And I’ve ordered some nice bright white and kelly green thread to make the versions of this doily that I will sell on my Etsy store. So I will be making colour choices for each row… fun!


Emma: Lightening up the edge

Emma with ring 6
Emma with a trial big outer ring adding lightness to the design

Part of my reason to rework the Emma pattern was to lighten it up and breathe some more air into it. I’m adding this trial ring to see if this will do it. See my next post for the inspiration pattern I’ve used.

This image is the doily on the pillow I use while doing tatting – a good spot to smooth things out, and it keeps the work closer to me in my lap.