Heathers: Hannah and Helga Complete

Hannah and Helga Finished
Hannah and Helga completed with Arctic White and Show White thread

Finished result of my Hannah and Helga pattern creations! This shows the snowflakes tatted with Arctic White thread hand dyed by AlenAleaDesign.etsy.com and Snow White thread from Lizbeth.

Hannah Helga Tatting Patterns
New patterns Hannah and Helga now available at my Etsy shop

Now available at my Knotshire.etsy.com shop!


Heathers: Hannah experimentation

Hannah in Purple
Pattern Hannah is looking good… but maybe not in purple

After my long break from the pattern, Hannah looks good to go! I’ve done it in purple… maybe not the best colour for a snowflake, but good for the experimentation phase!

Heathers: Hannah Inspiration

Hannah Inspiration
An table top doily from the pattern book Tranditional Tatting Patterns was the inspiration for Hannah.

The open and airy pattern combined with the points (with the diamond shape) on this doily are very appealing for me. The Hannah snowflake will be open and airy, and those diamond shaped points will need to be incorporated.