Graces: Gwen Final Pattern

Gwen Finished
My pattern Gwen finished. One of my 3 Graces patterns created in 2015.

Final results of my pattern Gwen. This looks like a very easy pattern, but it does use 2 shuttles, and the Josephine Knots require a certain amount of focus I hadn’t expected! It could just be that the thinner thread is more challenging.

I am pleased with the results, and the pattern is included with my 3 Graces pattern on my Etsy store


Graces: Gwen Experimenting

Gwen Experimenting
Adding a round with Josephine Knots to the centre from Diane for the new Gwen pattern.

A simple little addition of a frilly round added to the centre from Diane makes this a nice little snowflake. The Josephine Knots are easy to do, so this makes for a very easy pattern.

Next step is to use smaller thread and see how it turns out.

Graces: Gwen Inspiration

Gwen inspiration
The centre from my snowflake Diane was my inspiration for the little snowflakes.

The little centre of my snowflake pattern Diane gave me an idea… why not create a bunch of small, easy and quick patterns for a half-dozen sprinkle of snowflakes?

I’m on G now… so they will be collectively known as the Graces patterns. The first one will be Gwen, it will start with the centre from Diane.