Graces: Gracie Final Results

Gracie Finished
My pattern Gracie finished result. Part of my 3 Grace patterns created in 2015

A simple border from my inspiration pattern added to the centre from my Florence pattern, and Gracie is an easy pattern I’m very happy with. It’s great when these patterns come together so easily!

Along with Gwen and Gail, this pattern Gracie is available as a 3 pattern pack The Graces at my Etsy site


Graces: Gracie Inspiration

Gracie Inspiration
The centre from my snowflake Florence was my inspiration for Gracie.

The centre from another of my snowflake patterns, Florence, is the inspiration for another snowflake, Gracie. I do like this centre a lot!

Gracie Inspiration
The inspiration for the outer ring of Gracie comes from a table top doily pattern from Anne Orr Tatting #35 book

I really like the outer most ring of this table top doily from my old pattern book Anne Orr Tatting #35. I like especially the point it comes to.