Emma Tested and in my Etsy Shop

Emma Shop Update
Emma is done and tested… and available in my shop

My newest pattern Emma is ready for prime time!

Available at knotshire.etsy.com now!


Emma: Final ring added

Emma with ring 7
Emma with a trial big outer ring in the finishing stages

Amazingly easy, but it looks lovely! I’m very happy with the final ring that will finish this doily. An easy repeat of 5 and 8 again.

Now to finish writing down the pattern… and then testing it at least twice (once for the written pattern, once using only the diagram)… and I will have doilies to sell on my Etsy site and the pattern too! Yay!

Emma: Outer rings inspiration

Emma ring 6 inspiration
Emma inspiration for ring 6 comes from 1916 vintage pattern

This pattern is from Corticelli Lessons in Tatting by Nellie Ellison page 52, published in 1916 (one hundred years ago). What I like most about it is how convoluted the rings (or “rows”) are – there are actually only 2 rings here! It is wonderfully intricate, but easy to do with only one shuttle and a ball.

This tatting book is available for free at The Antique Pattern Library at: www.antiquepatternlibrary.org

Emma: Lightening up the edge

Emma with ring 6
Emma with a trial big outer ring adding lightness to the design

Part of my reason to rework the Emma pattern was to lighten it up and breathe some more air into it. I’m adding this trial ring to see if this will do it. See my next post for the inspiration pattern I’ve used.

This image is the doily on the pillow I use while doing tatting – a good spot to smooth things out, and it keeps the work closer to me in my lap.

Emma: A new approach to the ring after the hearts ring

Emma with a new ring
Emma with a different approach to the ring after the hearts ring

This seems to be working much better!

The previous pattern I created with the petticoats just didn’t work for me, but this more substantial ring looks better to me.

An interesting note: this use of 8 stitches, and it’s component 3 stitches and 5 stitches has easily complimented this design which is based on an 8 sided centre. It’s not too tight nor too expansive. There may be something to this mathematical approach!

Emma: Petticoats

Emma with petticoats
Emma with frilly petticoat outer rings

After a bit of  washing, pinning and ironing… Emma seems to have some petticoats.

I’m not sure if the outer rings of frilly, picot heavy tatting really do the inner rings with the hearts any good. I’m pretty sure there is too much red… but even in all white, with just red hearts… probably not. I’m going to try something else for the outer rings.

Emma with red hearts and white petticoats
Emma with petticoats photoshopped so only the hearts are red

Even with only the hearts red… not sure I like the petticoats.

Emma petticoats in all white
Emma with petticoats photoshopped to be all white

Yes, as you can see in this image, the hearts – which are supposed to be the focus – are overwhelmed by too much fluff on the outer rings.

Emma: How big should this doily be?

Emma wondering about size
Emma with good sized hearts, now how bit should the doily get?

After a couple of more trials with the hearts row, I’ve got a good size for the hearts and the vines that connect them.

It seems that eight stitches, and components and multiples of eight stitches are the way to go for the hearts. I’ve found that threes and sixes and nines work best for the 6 sided snowflake patterns that I’ve created. This 8 sided design is working best with eights. I think there may be a lesson to be learned here.

So now I get to wonder: how big should I make the Emma doily? I’ve added a couple more rows, now how many more… and does it need that much red, or should only the hearts be red… hmmm.