Katie Finalizing

Katie in full colour
The pattern design is finished, now to write it up!

And…it’s green! Very green! The white is a bright white too, so that could be making the green look more vibrant.

Katie in Black & White
Experimenting with Photoshop to see more of the pattern – less of the green!

Using the black & white ability of Photoshop, it’s easier for me to see the pattern when I’m writing it up.


Diane: Working out a new centre

Diane pattern with potential new centre
Trying out a possible new centre.

This is a promising centre design.

How I came up with this:

  • In the pattern there are already two *4ds picot 4ds close* rings. You can see them in dark blue attached to the large dark blue rings. Kind of like rabbit ears.
  • The most common chain in the pattern is a *3ds picot 3ds* chain.
  • Putting together two components of the existing pattern in a new configuration seems to work really well!

That was easier than I expected.

Colour Note: On a side note, the light blue *DMC 3753 Ultra Very Light Antique Blue and the dark blue *DMC 798 Dark Delft Blue make a very nice combination. It looks a bit like a fine china tea cup combination. This is from only scraps of old thread I had available to experiment with (and this thread is size 8, which is a bit big Рone of my original problems with this pattern) so I may need to remember to get the smaller thread in these colours in the future to make up snowflakes.

Now to experiment with making the whole pattern with the new centre…