For those of us who don’t do well with the “just cook down some apples” instructions and need a little bit more guidance, this is my recipe for applesauce.

Ingredients (you need many apples for just a little applesauce)

  • apples – as many as will fit in your saucepan
  • juice of one lemon

Instructions for Applesauce

Wash but do not peel the apples. Core and cut the apples into chunks. Place the apple chunks into a saucepan and squeeze lemon over them. You may want to do this in several steps, squeezing a bit of the lemon juice over the apples as you cut each one. The lemon juice will stop the chopped apples from turning brown.

In the saucepan bring the apples and lemon juice to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and simmer, stirring frequently, until soft – about 25 minutes.

In a blender or a food processor puree the apples. You may need to add a little cold water to start the blending.

Strain the apples to remove the last of the apple skins.

This applesauce freezes very well. I put applesauce in freezer bags in 1 cup portions because that’s the typical measurement needed in my recipes.