Pincushion Jackie Experimenting 2

Jackie Side 1st Attempt
First attempt at putting a side on the Jackie Pincushion

This was an experiment that did not turn out well.

The excess of tatting is shown in the image, there is just too much for the side.

On the good side, having the pincushion to use while experimenting is working really well. Putting the tatting on the pincushion means I don’t have to imagine what it will look like, it’s obvious!


Pincushion Jackie Inspiration

Jackie Inspiration
This inspiration for Pincushion Jackie’s top comes from the German book: Neue Schiffchenspitzen Band 427 Page 15

As my kitchen renovation carries on (and on and on) I am continuing on with creating new patterns (so I’m not risking getting dust into anything I want to keep as final). So I’m thinking another pincushion!

This inspiration piece is from a German pattern book called Neue Schiffchenspitzen. The book is very old – I found it online at: Georgia Seitz

I like the clusters of rings and the big swoop chains around them. I didn’t count the number of stitches in the pattern, and I don’t bother trying to read patterns on the old pieces I use for inspiration too much. The patterns are frequently wrong in these old books.

So I will create my own pattern from here. J is next in my list of names for tatting patterns, so I think this will be Jackie. I’ve known some really great women named Jackie.

Pincushion Irene Experimenting 2

Irene Side First Try
Possible row 3 for Irene echoes the set of three rings, but spacing is not good.

I think echoing the pattern from the top of the pincushion is a good idea, but my first attempt is not satisfying.

Irene Side
Row 3 with better spacing, and repeating the set of 3 rings nicely.

Now this side is very appealing. It is delicate and has the three rings again, and is not stressed or pulled.

Pincushion Irene Experimenting 1

Irene first try
First attempt to modify pattern Helga to make 8 points for a pincushion pattern.

First attempts to modify the pattern Helga to create a pincushion I will call Irene… needs some work.

The first, middle row is too small, so the second row buckles too much. Putting it on my sample pincushion shows it will not sit flat on the cushion.

Irene First Try Cut
Irene with first row cut to see if spacing of second row would work with a different first row.

The fun of experimenting – I get to cut the first attempt to pieces!

This shows that the second row may actually work well, if I do something different with the first row.

Irene Top Pattern
Rows 1 and 2 complete for a new pattern that has potential.

And there we have it… a new first row. And the second row works well around it. The first row now has the flavour of the 3 little rings I liked so much from the inspiration pattern, so I’m very happy with this.