Katie Inspiration

Katie Inspriation
This edging is from Priscilla Book 2 on page 6

I like this edging or insertion pattern because it has a wavy effect. I think it will make for an interesting round pattern with a bit of undulating pattern, We will see!


Pincushion Jackie Inspiration

Jackie Inspiration
This inspiration for Pincushion Jackie’s top comes from the German book: Neue Schiffchenspitzen Band 427 Page 15

As my kitchen renovation carries on (and on and on) I am continuing on with creating new patterns (so I’m not risking getting dust into anything I want to keep as final). So I’m thinking another pincushion!

This inspiration piece is from a German pattern book called Neue Schiffchenspitzen. The book is very old – I found it online at: Georgia Seitz

I like the clusters of rings and the big swoop chains around them. I didn’t count the number of stitches in the pattern, and I don’t bother trying to read patterns on the old pieces I use for inspiration too much. The patterns are frequently wrong in these old books.

So I will create my own pattern from here. J is next in my list of names for tatting patterns, so I think this will be Jackie. I’ve known some really great women named Jackie.

Pincushion Irene Inspiration

Inspiration for Irene
My snowflake pattern Helga – which is still in development – is the inspiration for Irene. Here in very rough shape!

Experimentation is key to working out a good pattern. Here is my snowflake pattern Helga (which still needs a lot of work) in green, with a bit more work done on it in white.

I like the group of three small rings. I’ve mirrored the three rings with another set of three rings… it needs work, but this has potential.

Pincushion Inspiration

Inspiration Pincushions
Pincushions that I will use as examples when creating my own patterns.

It’s a new year and time to try something new! These pincushions from Tatting For Today (by DMC 1985) are making me think about new directions my tatting patterns can go in.

I’ve done at least one of these patterns in the distant past, and it worked well, so this is a good place to start.

Emma: Outer rings inspiration

Emma ring 6 inspiration
Emma inspiration for ring 6 comes from 1916 vintage pattern

This pattern is from¬†Corticelli Lessons in Tatting by Nellie Ellison page 52, published in 1916 (one hundred years ago). What I like most about it is how convoluted the rings (or “rows”) are – there are actually only 2 rings here! It is wonderfully intricate, but easy to do with only one shuttle and a ball.

This tatting book is available for free at The Antique Pattern Library at: www.antiquepatternlibrary.org

Heathers: Harriet Inspiration

Harriet Inspiration
This 4 pointed doily from the book Anne Orr Tatting #35 is the inspiration for Harriet

Once again I go to an old tatting pattern book: Anne Orr Tatting #35 for inspiration. I like the points on this four sided medallion. I will experiment with making a six-pointed snowflake from the points I see here.