Katie Experimenting & Pinning

Katie pattern pinned
Pinning out Katie while modifying the pattern

As I’m doing my new pattern Katie up in white and kelly green I decided to make changes to row 5. Just to be sure it is working out, I decided to wash and pin out the doily.

I always pin (and usually starch) my doilies once they are finished, but I decided to stop and pin part way through on this one! Which works out well because I only have this many pins!

Now to adjust rows 6 and 7 and finish it up!



Katie – Experimenting & Documenting

Katie's rows
Katie’s various rows documented on my iPad with Adobe Draw

While putting together the Katie pattern – which has taken a lot of experimentation – I have also been experimenting with a new tool… my iPad, Apple Pencil and Adobe Draw. It’s been a learning experience all round – I love it!

Here you see images of the work in progress. When I have a row the way I want it, I stop and take a photo and then write how many stitches I’ve used on top of the photo.

After I’ve washed, pinned and ironed the doily I will reassess and then finalize and document the pattern. I use both written instructions (example, 7ds 1picot 7ds) and a visual pattern I will create with Adobe Illustrator, and I may include photos of the work in progress. I really enjoy this part!

And I’ve ordered some nice bright white and kelly green thread to make the versions of this doily that I will sell on my Etsy store. So I will be making colour choices for each row… fun!

Katie Experimenting 2

second step on Katie experiment
A good start, a few modifications still needed on this, and then more to come.

Working with some thinner thread as I progress towards a pattern, this is a version pinned to a pillow so I can see it all and think about what’s next.

The variegated thread is not really helping me see the pattern.

second step on Katie in Black & White
Black & White version of Katie Experiment 2

Doing a bit of photoshopping on the image lets me see the pattern a bit better. The open netting kind of feeling I want for this pattern may work… I need to experiment some more.


Katie Experimenting 1

first experiment on Katie design
A set of shamrocks, and figuring out how to join them together.

Spring is coming, and shamrocks are on my mind… so my newest pattern that I will call Katie will be full of shamrocks.

This photo has a lot of experiments on the start of the pattern. I started with the little shamrocks in the middle and tried to figure out how to join them. Then I thought some bigger ones could be added. The stitches in between are full of small rings in case I want to join something to the base design.