Pincushion Sample Summer

Green Summer top
Sample pincushion Summer top
Green Summer side
Sample pincushion Summer with start of a side

I started tatting a pincushion from the pattern “Summer” from the book “Tatting for Today” to see how it worked. This is the pincushion in the lower right corner on the image from my pincushion inspiration post. This pincushion isn’t finished and I don’t intend to finish it.

What I discovered making this pattern that I will need to consider when creating my own pattern:

  1. The pattern in the book has errors. The stitch count for the first inner ring is not the same for the following rings, and the last ring is again different. They should all be the same. So which one to use? This happens a lot with patterns I find in old books. The pattern in the book is only written, there is no pattern diagram, so that makes it even more difficult. The photo of the pincushion also doesn’t help… the stitch count for the inner rings is different again.
  2. The top does not sit flat. The previous pincushion sample that I tatted doesn’t sit flat either. This is likely key to a good pincushion design.
  3. The side pattern is really unappealing. It’s a kind of fish-net. I tried it 2 ways. I did some of it the way the book described, and then cut it off because it looked awful. I tried again, altering the pattern to make it more stable,  but it still looks awful. It’s good to know. The side of any pattern I make is going to need a lot of work.

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My notebook to keep track of my original tatting designs. I sell my tatted lace and the patterns for my original designs on Etsy... oh, and my favourite recipes are here too!

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