Emma: Experimenting with heart size still needed

Emma still work in progress
Some work still needed to make this design sit flat.

Shortening part of the vine that attaches the hearts made a bit of difference to helping the doily sit flat. But as you can see, there is still some work to do here.

Making the hearts smaller is the next alteration I will try on this pattern.

Pincushions… this doily that bubbles on the edges may actually make for a nice pincushion. I will need to experiment more with this possibility.


Emma: Experimenting

Experimenting with the hearts and spacing on Emma
Experimenting with heart spacing for pattern Emma

Starting with a string of little hearts, it’s quite obvious that I will need to work on spacing.

As you can see in the picture, at first I had a way too frilly over abundance of hearts and connectors or “vines”. But you can see closer to the bottom that the spacing I tried there is better.

Time to let this one go, and I will start another one using the spacing that seems to work.