Heathers: Harriet Experimentation

Harriet Experimenting
Experimenting with just the points from the inspiration pattern – with a bit of my own favourite clover added to the tip of the points.

I’m quite pleased with the results of taking the points from the inspiration medallion, adding my own favourite 3-5-3 clover to the tips of the points, and calling it a snowflake!

This pattern came together quite easily. So my drive to get 6 easy snowflake patterns created within about a week has worked! They’ve all seemed to come together logically.


Heathers: Harriet Inspiration

Harriet Inspiration
This 4 pointed doily from the book Anne Orr Tatting #35 is the inspiration for Harriet

Once again I go to an old tatting pattern book: Anne Orr Tatting #35 for inspiration. I like the points on this four sided medallion. I will experiment with making a six-pointed snowflake from the points I see here.

Heathers: Helga Inspiration & Experimentation

Greta Inspriation
Sometimes working on changes to one pattern creates a whole new idea.

While experimenting with the Hannah pattern I’ve stumbled on something I think will look very nice, but is not the Hannah pattern.

The two points at the bottom in this image are the keepers. The new centre is good – it turns the centre from Hannah inwards, so the rings start in the centre and makes a new row. And the points will give the diamond shapes I was wanting to have in Hannah that didn’t quite work out.

This will be a whole new design called Helga.

Graces: Gracie Inspiration

Gracie Inspiration
The centre from my snowflake Florence was my inspiration for Gracie.

The centre from another of my snowflake patterns, Florence, is the inspiration for another snowflake, Gracie. I do like this centre a lot!

Gracie Inspiration
The inspiration for the outer ring of Gracie comes from a table top doily pattern from Anne Orr Tatting #35 book

I really like the outer most ring of this table top doily from my old pattern book Anne Orr Tatting #35. I like especially the point it comes to.

Graces: Gail Experimenting

Gail experimenting 1
Experimenting with changing the centre from Diane produces a more frilly Gail centre.

The centre from snowflake Diane with some picots added to the outer chains makes for a nice frilly centre for Gail.

Gail experimenting 2
Experimenting with a frame for Gail.

This frame for the Gail snowflake centre has potential… I’ve stretched the frame out with my fingers to make it bigger, so it gives an idea of what the end doily may look like. I need to modify the number of stitches I’m using in the portion you can see in white.

The next step is to try this in the smaller thread, and with a modified stitch count in the frame.

Graces: Gwen Experimenting

Gwen Experimenting
Adding a round with Josephine Knots to the centre from Diane for the new Gwen pattern.

A simple little addition of a frilly round added to the centre from Diane makes this a nice little snowflake. The Josephine Knots are easy to do, so this makes for a very easy pattern.

Next step is to use smaller thread and see how it turns out.