Diane: Testing the new centre

Diane with new centre
Testing out the new centre for Diane.

And… it seems to work! This centre fits really well, and it gives some needed stability to the snowflake. So now to make it with the thinner thread…

Note on thread size: I typically work out new patterns with size 8 thread. This is quite thick thread that makes for a big doily, which is not really the desired end-product, but it makes problems stand out. I’ve tried using patterns from the early 1900s that show pictures of the end design done in tiny thread. Very often there are problems with the pattern spacing and the sizing of some of the elements… but if you make it with small enough thread it’s hard to see the problems. I’ve stared in annoyance at these photos many times when the pattern hasn’t worked and I can see the problems in the photos too. Smaller thread just means you have more ability to mush the errors into compliance. Not good enough for a pattern I create.


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My notebook to keep track of my original tatting designs. I sell my tatted lace and the patterns for my original designs on Etsy... oh, and my favourite recipes are here too!

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