Diane: Testing the old centre

Diane pattern with old centre
Trying out the old centre to confirm it will not work.

Just to confirm that the same pattern will not work without the plastic centre ring, I tatted a ring with the same number of stitches, but without the plastic, to see the result:

  • It is swimming in the centre of the snowflake because it is too small without the plastic.
  • It could work with really big picots… but that would add stress to the snowflake without adding structural integrity.
  • I intend to sell the pattern once it is ready, and this would be a source of frustration for anyone trying to follow the pattern. If I said make “really big” picots or picots “exactly x long” it would only be a lucky guess if someone else’s work turned out to be the precise same size as mine. If their work wasn’t the same size as mine, they would have a frilly, wavy, non-flat snowflake. I don’t want to cause frustration in other tatters.

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My notebook to keep track of my original tatting designs. I sell my tatted lace and the patterns for my original designs on Etsy... oh, and my favourite recipes are here too!

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