Florence: The pattern settles

Final pattern settles
The final pattern settles, it sits flat, the points are prominent, and I’m happy with the result

Snowflake pattern Florence is good to go. The last change that makes it work is:

  • making the rings of the outer points bigger
  • making the echo rings between the points the same size as the outer rings

I’ve used thinner thread for this iteration of the pattern. It is made with size 12 thread. I typically use size 8 thread when creating patterns. The thicker thread makes problems stand out. The size 12 thread I’ve used here makes for a very delicate snowflake. It is about 9cm (3 1/2 inches) in diameter.

I did make a mistake with this snowflake, so it’s not one I will sell in my Etsy shop, knotshire.etsy.com, but it does make me happy with my pattern, so it is a success.

The next step is to repeat the pattern a few times in different threads, and then I will use the pattern with the inspiration thread for the snowflake Florence.


Florence: Spacing works, but points are muted

Points have lost their prominence
Spacing problem is solved, but the points have lost their prominence

Snowflake pattern Florence is getting much better. The spacing problem was solved with:

  • reducing the number of stitches in the centre chain
  • increasing the number of stitches on the outer ring chain

The most appealing part of the four-sided pattern that I started with were the well defined points with echo points between them. Unfortunately, they have been muted in this version of my new pattern. The doily is looking unfortunately round. I wanted 6 points that were, well, pointy. And the echo points are a bit too big. So I still have some modifications to make.

I have again used some spare variegated thread that I had on hand to create this iteration of the snowflake pattern because the inspiration thread is also variegated. I used a black & grey variegated thread, the photo is actually in colour. It does not work well to have the variegated thread used for the chains, rather than the rings. I’m glad I used this opportunity to find that out!