Florence: The tough part of the pattern

Reducing the small points
Reducing the “squareness” of the original motif and confusing myself

This was going to be a completed motif with six sides that had promise for being my new design, but I got distracted while tatting and made a big mistake. I  cut off the mistake and was going to reattach thread and continue, but since I’m using variegated thread it’s not quite that easy. The flow from one colour to the next would not work, and the mistake would be distracting, if not obvious.

The error came from the chain which goes up one side of a cluster from the middle row, ends in the one ring point, and then the chain starts again and goes back down the side of the same cluster from the middle row. The point in the image in the top right with the white thread dangling is where going back down the side of the cluster was the point of distraction from the pattern.

So here is where I needed to stop doing tatting with a scribbled pattern, with numbers crossed off and arrows pointing to the good bits, and go to my computer to write the pattern out and make a diagram.

I use Adobe Creative Cloud software, so I create my diagrams in Illustrator, and I document the written pattern (with the diagrams included) with InDesign.

And I know where I want to add photos of the work in progress inside my pattern now… at the place where I messed up. Messing up is annoying, but it does help to make the documented pattern better.

I sell my patterns at knotshire.etsy.com as well as finished pieces of tatting.


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My notebook to keep track of my original tatting designs. I sell my tatted lace and the patterns for my original designs on Etsy... oh, and my favourite recipes are here too!

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