Florence: First step towards six sides

First four to six modification
First attempt at modifying a four sided square design into a six sided design.

Not really a surprise, simply adding 2 sides to the four sided design I started with doesn’t work.

While I was doing the inner row, it was pretty obvious that simply adding 2 point clusters to the 4 point clusters from the starting pattern was going to cause spacing issues. It felt a bit cramped. While tatting on the outer row, it was clear that this pattern wanted to be square. So I stopped work on this motif.

I think the colour on this motif is much nicer than the dark blue and white of the square motif. This is still the size 8 thread, same as the thick thread I used on the square motif, but it doesn’t look nearly as clunky – probably due to the colour. So the cool blue hand dyed thread that is my inspiration for this snowflake doily, Florence, will likely look very nice. Which is a good thing.

On to the next attempt.


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My notebook to keep track of my original tatting designs. I sell my tatted lace and the patterns for my original designs on Etsy... oh, and my favourite recipes are here too!

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