Emma: Steps to a Finished Doily… or is it finished?

Emma finished piece
Emma tatted doily.

Working with a very simple centre doily (from a pattern I’ve created before), a more evenly spaced doily looks much better than the first experiment. I would give more detail, and I intend to do more description on future patterns that I will add to my blog, but I’m not sure this is a finished pattern.

Emma diagram
Diagram of Emma pattern without stitch count.

I’ve used Adobe Illustrator to create a diagram pattern (shown here without the stitch counts because I may sell the pattern, so I don’t want to give it away). I’ve written the pattern up in words and put it into Adobe Indesign, as I typically do with new patterns.

I’ve tested the pattern by creating a second doily, which I may sell in my shop.

But I’m not sure if this is a finished doily. It is only about 13cm (5 inches) in diameter. Which makes it rather small. And what do you do with a little doily like this?

I’m not sure whether to sell the finished doily and pattern on my shop on knotshire.etsy.com or not.


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